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I'm just a man who got tired of listening to the same man-hating rethoric that I'm certain you're familiar with. This blog is my contribution to an ostracized generation of men that feel, deep within their bones, that they have been misled and misinterpreted for far too long. I believe that a society is only as healthy as its men are strong, and western civilization is failing because we've allowed men to be weak. Even worse, weakness in a man is celebrated and strength in a man is deemed toxic. I want to help other young men understand their nature, their potential and their responsibility as men, to try and go back to times where men could be men, and society thrived because of it. You will find practical advice regarding masculinity, physical fitness, literature, philosophy and any other topic that I consider to be important for young men. My identity is not important. I am simply a man that wants to help other men become stronger, prouder, simpler men. 

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