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An underrated source of purpose

Many of the self-improvement pages, websites, and blogs for men have tried to tackle the problem of purposlesness that plagues most young men in the modern world. Most of the advice to be found out there, while well-intentioned enough, usually leaves out one very important way of finding purpose on this earth. This is something that is bestowed upon us by God, and something that is natural and necessary for us.

A man's purpose will always be tied, in one way or another, to creation.


Think about the implications of this: God made us in his image, which means that every man has a bit of God in him. And what is it that God does? He creates (among other things, obviously). But He is The Creator, and he gave us, exclusively, the ability to create.

Consider for a moment the lifestyle of the average man: he goes to work, comes home, watches TV, sleeps, and does this every single day, except on the weekends, when he gets shitfaced and watches sports. What is he building? What is he creating? Absolutely nothing. And it's no coincidence that his entire life is a monotonous, purposeless tragedy.

The purpose of a man is inevitably tied to creation. It always will be. It's our unique, divine capacity, and if we do not use it and exercise it, our lives will lack direction and meaning.


Now, I can hear some reply guys getting ready to slam me and tell me I'm comparing mere humans to God. I'm not. Obviously. We can't create life in the same way He can. But still, we can create life through the pathways that He intended for us.

I'm not talking exclusively about "creating a life", although that in itself is one of the worthiest pursuits and most solid and meaningful things in the world. I'm talking about creating. Something. Anything.

You can build a house. You can build a home. You can build a business. You can build a brand. You can design something that resonates with you. You can create a family. You can create a movement. You can write a book. Paint a picture. Make a video. Build your body. Grow your knowledge. Write a song.

There are millions of ways in which we can harness the powers of creation. I'm not here to tell you what you personally need to do. That's up to you. I'm here to wake you up to the fact that your life will be forever gray if you decide to leave this earth without having built something upon it. Even if it's an aesthetic body.

For the love of God, simply start building, progressing, learning, growing, CREATING.

You have that power, same as I, and same as any other man that God decided was fit enough to roam the earth.


I hope you wake up tomorrow with a new frame of mind, ready to take some risk and accept the Divine blessing that is having the power to create beautiful works upon the earth. That thing you've been meaning to do, that creative project that you haven't started because those excel spredsheets won't analyze themselves, start them NOW.

And thank me later.

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