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Be a man of action

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Anyone can talk, and everyone talks a little bit too much. We all fall into the trap of talking about our greatness (which we haven’t even achieved yet) in order to give our egos a little boost.

It feels good to tell everyone the great things you are going to do and receive praise for being such a determined person. But what usually happens is that we later have to invent a lame excuse to explain to everyone why we haven’t done anything at all. Talk is cheap, especially when it serves the purpose of letting everyone else know what it is you are GOING to do.

It isn’t wise to constantly share our goals with anyone and everyone. There is a weird psychological effect that happens when we talk too much about something, and it is that in our minds it becomes real. Our mind assumes that because we constantly talk about our goals, we have already completed them. Talking about something makes us feel in a similar way as actually experiencing it. So, subconsciously, we begin to think that we already did something productive, when in reality all we’ve done is talk about our goals, which doesn’t bring us any closer to their completion.

Talking about something makes us feel in a similar way as actually experiencing it.

That’s why most people are unable to reach their goals: they talk too much. The ones that actually rise up and create great things are those that put their head down and work. Those that keep their mind focused on doing, and don’t let their ego’s agenda get the better out of them. The only way forward is action.

It’s hard to take action, because it requires courage, and it requires you to have enough balls to put yourself out there and risk being criticized. Even those whose work was mostly intellectual translated their thoughts into actions, by writing down their thoughts, and sharing them with the world.

Be a man of action, and put yourself in the line of fire. Do the work. There is no other way of achieving results in anything in life. Do not share your goals until they are completed, become someone that is recognized for their ability to act, instead of being one of the many talkers that lose any credibility once they open their mouth.

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