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Break some rules

Some years ago, when I started the self-improvement thing, I had a very clear idea about rules and laws: I thought absolutely everything should be done by-the-book, and everything legal was acceptable, while everything not necessarily legal was not. My most disarming argument against the use of weed was, for example, that it's illegal (or was at the time).

Having lost much of the innocence of that time, I now have opened my eyes and come to see that doing things by-the-book is morally wrong if the book itself is crooked and degenerate.

Moreover, one of the most fundamental things men ought to do is break some rules, when those rules are wrong.

Using the law as a moral compass is the most childish and dumb thing one can do. It means giving the people in power absolute trust and absolute control over the way you live your life. Honestly. Those people are usually corrupt, completely disconnected from reality and at times, plain evil.

Abortion is legal. Child drag shows are legal. Weed is legal. Mass experiments with experimental drugs are legal.

The old me would've said "if it's legal it's ok".

The new me says, "laws are crooked and wrong when they are disaligned from the Word of God."

God gave us a very clear set of guidelines to follow. Every modern point of social discourse is covered in the Book of Truth.

And yet, in our delusion, we thought ourselves smart enough and capable enough to improve upon the fundamental laws put forth by the Almighty. As a result, we created our own morality, and what we have right now is the result of that. A sick society, as a consequence of following the laws of men, not the laws of God.


When the system is as broken as it is, acts of rebellion are justified. And it's up to men to break the rules that chain us to degeneracy and corruption. Women won't do this.

It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy. - George Orwell, 1984

Orwell is right. The female nature of service is not compatible with rebellion.

So it's up to us. Do you ever wonder why there's such an overwhelming effort to kill your masculine drive through soy, seed oils, pornography, and mass indoctrination? Do you ever wonder why the powers in place are so desperate to do away with strong masculine men? Do you ever wonder why they seek to make you more like a woman?

Because strong men are the only ones capable of challenging and breaking morally wrong laws, and they know, if they sucessfully turn every man into an androgynous, submissive, and passive consumer, they will be free to pass every disgusting satanic law they want without anyone to challenge them.

If they succeed, they will continue to be able to pass laws that allow them to turn your son gay, your daughter a sex worker, and everyone you love a blind, homogenous NPC.

So break some fucking rules.

Start small. Stop wearing your seatbelt in airplanes. Challenge those useless laws that have no purpose. Don't go out and get yourself arrested, but start to understand that not all laws are meant to be followed, even less so when the people that set those laws hate you and everything that you represent.

Break some rules. It's your job as a man.

God bless,

Simple Man

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