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Updated: May 2, 2021

There is a cultural war happening. If you do not see it it's either because you don't want to, or because modernity has already killed your spirit completely. But worry not, you can open your eyes and you can revive your soul. For that to happen, however, you have to choose something to stand for. You have to choose a side and commit yourself to it. Rejecting the postmodern nightmare that is responsible for killing millions of souls is the side that we stand on. And it is glorious and beautiful, it is the side that is desperately trying to preserve the values that created all that is good today. But sometimes, in th eye of the hurricane of despair, chaos and malice that has become modern man's day to day life, it becomes difficult to ignore the devil whisperings that tell you to just give in and accept the decay of the west as an unavoidable certainty.

Human intuition is a wonderful thing. I am not going to claim that you should blindly trust your gut and simply do whatever feels right all the time, but intuition is 100% a sensational way to make decisions when you have limited information. And in the current political and cultural climate, sometimes it's difficult to know which information is true and which is deceptive. Most of the traditional media outlets are biased beyond belief, spouting propaganda to deliberately mislead you, so you can't trust them. Social media is plagued with fake news, even more misleading information and clickbait. You can't trust social media either. Word of mouth is susceptible to psychological biases and you can be led to believe things that are not true very easily. Not very trustworthy either. What can you trust then, to make decisions about your stance on culturally signifcant issues? My best advice is, trust your gut.

Most of the traditional media outlets are biased beyond belief, spouting propaganda to deliberately mislead you, so you can't trust them. Social media is plagued with fake news, even more misleading information and clickbait.

Your gut knows better

The human soul is connected to something much greater than ourselves. Deep down, we know better. We have all the tools required to make good decisions, to understand the world around us, to create meaningful lives. All we have to do is open our eyes, and make an effort to see. The answers to most questions are all around us. Society is obsessed with science, and every claim must have a "scientific" basis to support, or it will be discarded. But science is not always right, science is not always moral, science can be corrupted and used to manipulate. Which is exactly what is happening now with you-know-what. Fuck science. This obsession and glorification of science has led us all to believe that the human race knows everything, and has led us far away from God. Sure, science has been and will always be useful, but science will never explain the wonders of the human spirit, and science should not be treated like a god.

Your gut knows better. I came to stand on this side of the cultural war because deep inside me, something felt wrong with the way the world was going. I couldn't quite grasp it, and it was difficult to quiet down the demonic voices trying to convince me that the degeneracy, "progressivism" and outright chaos that is consuming the western world was the right movement to support. No amount of scientific claims, no amount of studies or evidence would have shown me the true path that I was to follow and the right side of the cultural war. That only came when I opened my eyes and trusted my intuition when it told me to reject this degeneracy. And I truly believe that most people feel this way, but we have been so brainwashed by "facts" and social pressure that we shut down our intuition in order to loudly showcase that we too believe in progress. I encourage you to not do that. Trust your gut, open your eyes to the decay of our civilization and choose to fight for the right side, the one that has God, family, tradition, beauty as its cornerstones. How could such a side be wrong?

Choose by rejecting

I know that it is sometimes difficult to choose a stance on particular issues in which you feel mostly neutral. But I have found a method for knowing what is good and what isn't. Choose any topic, let's say, abortion. Open your eyes and look at the people that support it. Look at their values, at the way their live their lives, at the way they present themselves, at how they treat their families. Look at the rest of their ideology. Would you like to be on that side? Would you like to fight alongside them? Fuck no. In that case, choose the other side, and commit to it with all your heart. That's a valid way of choosing, choosing by rejecting. If someone that thinks that it is okay to give hormone treatment to "trans" children tries to convince me of something, I will believe and do the exact opposite. And that's just an example. The point is, don't waste time arguing and debating which side is better. Simply open your eyes and see!

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R. Frank Bass
R. Frank Bass
May 01, 2021


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