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Climbing the corporate ladder - Do this

I criticize the modern lifestyle heavily in both my website and Instagram page. It's undeniable that big cities, boring jobs, and processed EVERYTHING is not the way man was meant to live.

However, we've been born in such times. It is absolutely possible to fully unattach oneself of the modern lifestyle, if that's one's goal. But this is not the norm. I have not done that, nor will I do that for the time being. I know most of you won't either. Which is why I believe it's important to talk not only about philosophical and aspirational ideals, but to give my readers tools to navigate the world as it currently exists.

I have a regular job, and I assume most of you do as well. Don't be ashamed of that. Not all of us will be movie gods and rockstars, as our beloved Tyler Durden would say. Some of us live regular lives, meaning that we have regular jobs and live in regular cities. Even if your goal is to slowly progress towards a more natural, traditional way of life, your current reality is one that you can use to your advantage.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to maintain the lifestyle you are currently living or drastically change it, the fact is that you are there right now and you might as well just perform to the best of your abilities. Maybe then you'll start to enjoy it.

I have a regular job, and I've managed to climb pretty high on the corporate ladder for a guy my age. I've done this not by applying elaborate theories, but by following a couple of simple strategies that are incredibly powerful not only in business, but in life as a whole.

They are as follow:


You'd be surprised at how much a man with a can-do attitude stands out. In a world of weakness and soy, the man that volunteers for any challenge is a man that people will respect and admire. It is simple, really. Whenever there is something difficult to be done, or whenever something difficult is asked of you. Say yes. Say it enthusiastically. Say it confidently. Even if you have no idea how you're going to do it, you'll figure it out afterwards.


Believe me, you do not want to be the guy that is always focusing on the negative. Avoid focusing on the past and instead focus on bringing a solution to the table. Most people spend vast amounts of energy trying to figure out how and why and because of whom something happened, instead of fixing the damn problem. If a problem arises, solve it first, and then you can find what caused it. But letting an open wound linger while you interrogate everyone and backtrack their every step will NOT SOLVE IT. That's secondary. The main objective is to get the business back on track. Stop blabbering and trying to justify why something happened. Just solve it. Even if you did not cause the problem in the first place.

And even more so, you do not want to be the guy that finds trouble in everything. The guy that always complains, the guy that always thinks he's being exploited, the guy that never lifts a finger if it's not stipulated in his contract. Nobody likes that guy, and he won't do very well. I know it's important to set boundaries, but wisely choosing when to go the extra mile and be the guy that does work he's not supposed to is a game-changer.


Don't be the guy that is always telling everyone how hard he works. That is not impressive. In fact it's the opposite of that. It shows that you're struggling. It shows that you cannot take on more responsibility becasue you'll crumble. Even if you're going through periods of heavy workload, keep showing up, keep working in silence and keep doing what is needed from you.

What most people do when they have lots of work is that they start complaining to everyone about how inconsiderate their boss is or how BS their job is. They are always saying how hard they have it and how hard they need to work.

Instead, you want to create a somewhat mythical or mysterious air. Nobody knows how, but you ALWAYS get the job done. And when asked about it, you don't say you had to stay later than usual, you brush it off as if it came easy to you. This is fundamental, as it shows that you can tackle, and overcome, any challenge.


We can always learn more. We can always improve further. A mark of a man meant for greatness is his capacity to take criticism in a positive manner. In an ideal world this would always be constructive criticism, but people are flawed and will sometimes outright say negative things about you. How you react is key: sometimes, even the harshest criticism can teach you something. This does not mean that you should listen to everyone all the time, but simply that you need to have enough self-control to openly listen to critics and rationally decide whether you could use what they're saying to improve yourself.


Very few people simply get given promotions, raises, and the like. Most people get those things because they courageously and confidently ask for them. If you are a man of worth, if you do your job correctly, if you get things done, and know it, be confident enough to ask your boss for what you think you deserve. Worst case scenario, he says no. Which isn't likely, because if you've been doing what I'm suggesting, it won't be long before you're an essential part of your company and management will do absolutely anything to keep you satisfied.

Ask, and be honest about it. If you're reading this blog you most likely are a driven, purposeful and motivated young man, and that type of man in today's world is worth his weight in gold. You better believe it.


This is probably the most important advice I could give you. Even if you have a job that you enjoy you need to have a side project. This doesn't have to be a business, but simply a creative project that is fully yours, that you can pour your heart into, and that you can work on when you're feeling burnt out from your job. This gives you perspective, it serves to remind you that your job is just a job, and most of all, it complements the corporate life with something exciting, personal, and that allows you create freely.

I truly believe that having a balanced life helps you perform better in all areas of your life. When you have multiple interests, hobbies, and projects, your work does not consume you, because you know that you have so much more going on in your life.

And it's my experience as well, that those that let themselves be consumed by their work not only end up performing worse, but they also end up being unhappier, burning out, and having existential crises.

Any job is just a part of life, but you shouldn't make it your entire life, regardless of how much you enjoy it.

None of this will work if your boss is a dick, if you hate your job, or if you aren't truly interested in doing the corporate thing AT ALL. But those are things that are fully in your control. So, if you are one of the many men that have a regular job, with a good enough boss, and where they perform activities that aren't incredibly mind-numbing, following the previous advice will catapult you into superstardom.

If this post is well received, I'll be glad to write a bit more about how to conquer the corporate life, something that I've become pretty good at over time. Let me know if this helps you, and as always, God bless.

Simple Man

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