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How to be a positive influence

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Don't be too convinced of the stability and firmness of most people's ideologies and convictions. Most people are filled with doubts and insecurities about their whole belief system and about the worldview that is presented to them by the media, public figures and social media. We've widely discussed the problems with modernity in this blog, but I've never tried to give practical advice on how to help those closest to you come to the natural and inevitable realization of just how many lies we've been told and just how fragile and degenerate western culture is becoming. I believe that most people find themselves somewhere at the center of this cultural war, subconsciously trying to resist against the relentless waves of propaganda that seek to transform them into resentful, hateful and weak people. Most people know, deep down, that there is something very wrong with the way we are living, with the way traditional values and practices are being persecuted, and with the way our culture is mutating, but they cannot quite rationally grasp what these problems are. These are mostly good people, stuck in a limbo until someone whom they respect enough dares to nudge them into the correct side of the metaphorical trenches. Call it "red pilling" or whatever you want, it's your responsibility as a strong man to help those closest to you open their eyes and have all the information necessary to make well-informed and correct decisions regarding their future and their way of life.

How we can achieve this

These poisionous ideologies plaguing the west have some terrible consequences. At the personal level, one of the saddest is the loss of friends as a consequence of them adopting a worldview in which anyone that doesn't agree with them politically and on every single aspect is the source of all evil in the world. I've seen how such an ideology can slowly turn once close friends of mine into resentful, hateful, reactionary and destructive men. And it's extremely painful. I believe we all have a responsibility to prevent those close to us from being consumed by feelings of that kind.

As I said before, I believe most people aren't really sure about what they should believe. I am. You probably are as well. I've done my research. I've devoted a significant amount of time to finding the truth, both by looking at the outside world and by the deepest instrospection possible. I'll assume you have as well. Most people haven't. Most people aren't too concerned with that, which is why they tend to simply believe that which is most readily available. And we know the sort of misinformation and propaganda that is most available.

As well-read, strong men, we have the capacity to influence others. Not in the manipulative, deceiving kind of way, and not for power purposes. We have the capacity to influencce others by being role models of the virtues and values that have supported and allowed societies to prosper since the dawn of time. Now, more than ever, when most people are walking without direction, looking for answers wherever they can, struggling to justify their very existence and trying to make sense of it all, a strong man can give them that purpose, and provide them with a direction towards that which is good and pure and will put most other pieces into place.

In a time when no one dares speak up, a courageous and strong man that dares to publicly embody those values that are being persecuted will be an irresistible beacon of light, guiding those wandering boats towards a proud, safe and truthful shore.

However, it is not enough to simply be an example. The truly influential men are those that can both act and speak with clarity and confidence. Those are the men that inspire others to change, to understand and to follow. Be the man that speaks up and acts against what is wrong. If you are confident enough, and provide an alternative view that actually makes sense (unlike the undefined, globalized and perverse lack of culture and identity that is being promoted) people will open their eyes. Those that are not sure about what they should believe will see your passion, your confidence, your strength, and they will be inspired by them, they will see the embodiment of those dying virtues, and they will see in you an ideal of what a real man should be, one that doesn't live in fear, one that doesn't let evil win. And they will respect you, understand you, and their whole being will tell them that our way is one in which we seek the truth, and that there is a better life than the one we are all currently living.

People want a little nudge, some sign that shows them the path to follow. People want a strong man, a virtuous man that they can trust, that can make sense of the feelings of inadequacy within every modern man. Be that man. Be fearless and confident, but above all, be a man of God, and try to embody the virtues and values that He intended you to have as your code.

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