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How to have ten times more energy

The enemy wants you depressed, tired, lonely and lazy. Forces of evil have disguised themselves in comfort and pleasure, providing the modern man with ample opportunities to indulge in his vices, trying to make sure that he forgets his calling as a man, trying to numb him down enough to the point where he's defenseless, laughable, and useless. They gave him unrestricted access to pornography, seed oils, cheap entertainment, ten different streaming services, a comfortable couch, and just enough material wealth for him to accept this powerless state without questioning it.

But, all over the world, some men managed to open their eyes and see the forces of evil at play. We see their schemes, and the things that we used to consider simple pleasures now show themselves as instruments of death and chaos. Having been asleep for so long, waking up requires effort. Even while awake, some lethargy remains in us, hindering our power and our capacity to fight back.

If we are to win, we need to reawaken our ancestral energy and fight back with full force.

Here's how to start.


If you've been following my blog for a while, and you still haven't commited to lifting weights religiously, you have not gotten the message. The practical benefits of lifting weights are many, and I have written about them multiple times. But even if those don't motivate you enough to start becoming stronger, maybe this will: lifting weights makes you have much more energy. A weight training regime not only raises your testosterone levels (which makes you more energetic by itself), it also helps you sleep better, makes you more disciplined, driven and motivated and positively impacts every area of your life. A man that lifts is a driven man, in all other aspects of his life. He is a man capable of abandoning comfort and beating his laziness. Lifting kickstarts a neverending virtuous cycle: you lift, become more disciplined and driven, and thus you lift more, and thus your drive becomes even greater.

There is literally no downside to lifting weights. Do it.

No fap

Young civilized men spend a large chunk of their energy artificially satisfying their sexual desires. Nothing wrong with having sex with your partner, but wasting your maculine essence masturbating whenever you get the urge will keep you forever passive. The sexual urges of a man can be a driving force of tremendous impact. If you constantly numb them down you'll miss out on possibly the most important source of energy that a man can tap into. Learn to channel your sexual impulses into creative work and the results will speak for themselves.

Aside from that, masturbating keeps your T-levels low, and that's reason enough to quit.

Don't get me started on pornography. If masturbation is evil, porn is the Devil (it is, actually). Quit that evil, degenerate shit NOW.

Go outside

Every human that has ever lived (until the last few generations) has done so in connection with nature and wilderness. The modern man made a grave mistake when he decided to abandon nature in favor of the concrete structures that now concentrate the vast majority of the population. We abandoned our natural environment in favor of artificial zoos, where it's too easy to forget our roots and where it's the norm to feel disconnected from the Divine.

This disconnection leads to us being more passive, as a man that feels lost knows not where to go, and thus chooses to remain still. It's imperative to return, as often as possible, to nature. This won't give you all the answers to the questions that plague your life, but it will put you in the right path.

Additionally, going outside, exposing your skin directly to sunlight and walking barefoot upon the earth supercharges your energy. You should be trying to get sunlight daily, and grounding yourself (being barefoot in nature) for at least a few minutes every day. Your energy comes from nature, because nature is God's creation, and so are you. There are mystical energies at play wherever God's creation hasn't been poisoned by human greed. Connect with them, and watch your days be full of light, motivation, and drive.


This one is easy. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every day, and align your sleeping pattern with the circadian cycle. Go to sleep early and wake up near sunrise. This is the natural sleeping pattern for a human being. Don't underestimate how deadly an unhealthy sleeping routine can be. Sleep is everything. No amount of cool tips and tricks will make you a hign energy man if you're staying up late and sleeping terribly every night.

This requires discipline, so make it a priority. Other recommendations to sleep better are as follows:

  • Stop looking at screens for at least an hour before bed.

  • Make your room as dark as possible and try to wake up with the natural sunlight.

  • Try to wake up and go to sleep at approximately the same hour every day.

  • Read a light book before bed.

Make your work meaningful

Notice that I didn't say "find meaningful work" but rather "make your work meaningful", because how meaningful a job is depends mostly on how you approach it and on your mindset, not on the work itself. You can find a purpose in doing whatever task you're supposed to do to the best of your abilities. You can make your work meaningful by understanding that even if it seems empty and useless at first hand, it's a blessing and a lesson. Even the pettiest of jobs can teach you something. Open your eyes to the lessons and try to find out why it is that God wanted you to do what you are doing. And then do it as well as you can. Give your all. Find meaning in doing your best.

A big reason why most men today are low-energy is because they hate their lives and despise their jobs. It's hard to keep your spirits up if you've convinced yourself that half of your waking hours are spent doing something that you hate.

Make a decision to make your work and your professional life meaningful, and remove from your life the dread and the lethargy that follows when you let yourself be overcome by dissatisfaction with your job.

This does not mean that you shouldn't also choose a job that you mostly enjoy, but rather that if you find yourself temporarily working at something that isn't of your preference, you can still live a meaningful life and make your job a source of growth.

Stop saying that you're tired

The words that you speak out loud have a massive impact on the way your life looks like. It's become a source of pride to be "tired", because being "tired" lets people signal how busy and succesful they are. Screw that. If you're constantly claiming to be tired (even if you are), you'll never get out of that hole. Even if you're dead tired, do not say it.

You're not really tired. This world does not push us to our physical limit, so maybe you just slept a bit less or trained a little harder. None of us have ever felt truly tired. So quit it. You're not tired.

Instead, manifest through your words the highly energetic person that you want to be. Words have the power to transform the physical world. If you stop saying that you're tired, your energy will increase tenfold, I assure you.

Stop being so lethargic. The world needs you at your best. Go out there and CONQUER.

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