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Make some enemies

The existance of trigger-warnings is indicative of a society where people are scared shitless of ever offending anyone or making enemies. It used to be men were able to speak bluntly and openly about delicate issues, because they knew that that's how such issues were to be attacked. After virtually erasing every challenge from men's lives, we are left with a society composed of snowflakes that get offended about everything, and of spineless men who are unwilling to speak the truth out of fear of offending the afforementioned snowflakes. Hippie talk of peace and love has made men soft and excessively careful: nobody wants to offend anyone because that would mean making some enemies. But you should be making some enemies. If you aren't, you're doing things wrong.

Extreme agreableness

The toll that just a few decades of beating masculinity down and of shaming every boy and man that somehow shows his manhood is that men learnt to walk with their heads down, not looking people in the eye, too afraid of confrontation to stand up for themselves. To use a recent example, I can't tell you how many men I've heard say that they took the coofid vksine out of peer pressure. If you needed proof of the jelly from which the modern man's spine is made, there you have it. Modern man is deeply afraid of confrontation, and will do anything to avoid it. This isn't fear of the physical consequences of a potential conflict, because modern man knows that physical consequences have been all but eliminated through the enforcement of dumb laws and excessive regulations. It is fear of the social consequences of stating the "wrong" type of opinion, which makes it even more petty. I would understand if a man kept his mouth shut and avoided offending a physically superior man out of fear of getting his ass whooped, but the man that keeps quiet in the face of evil because he doesn't want the societal mob to loudly shame him is a coward and a loser.

If you are one of these men, I encourage you to speak up. We have lost a lot of ground to evil because we've been conditioned into being submissive and agreeable. No more. Who cares if you offend the pink-haired feminist or the "this is what a feminist looks like" soyboy? Do you really care about them enough to keep quiet or lie about your real stance on things? If they are offended, it's their problem, not yours. Your job is to be honest and pursue the truth, not try to please whoever screams the loudest.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for somehting, sometime in your life.” - Winston Churchill

Enemies mean you're doing things right

The man that has no enemies is the man that has been a doormat his whole life. He has lived to please, which in many cases means he has lived a dishonorable life, one in which he never stood up for anything. This man will reach his deathbed with no enemies, but with no true friends either, as the strongest of friendships are those that are forged in truth and honesty, and if you are a yes-man you are, by definition, dishonest. So this man will look back and see that he sold his soul to maintain fake friendhsips, keeping his mouth shut to please those that wanted nothing more than to see his true ideals perish.

Having enemies is the natural consequence of having a backbone, and of stating your beliefs loudly and clearly, for all the world to see. We are not supposed to be friends with everyone, in fact, we should be friends exclusively with the few men that show themselves men of honor and integrity. Everyone else is irrelevant. Stop trying to be liked by everyone. No one respects a man that tries to be liked at all costs. And no one should. He's not a man of values.

Make some enemies along the way, if for nothing else, just to quit worrying so much about having a few haters.

Enemies fuel a man's fire. You need someone to doubt you, so that you can prove them wrong. Negativity is a sensational driving force when it comes to motivation. A man who has enemies has another reason to win: proving his doubters wrong and seeing the look of resentment on their faces when he does what they said he couldn't do.

Choose a side already. Be firm in your beliefs. Stop tolerating evil and dishonesty. You will make a few enemies. Good. Not everyone is suited to be your friend.

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