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Stop complaining right now

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

We all have issues. There is not a single person on this earth that doesn’t constantly have some sort of difficulty going on in their lives, and yet we all whine and complain like entitled little children thinking that our struggles are oh so unique that we need someone to come and save us.

Shit, it has become the norm to just be a little sissy and constantly open our mouths to complain about meaningless things. We are all guilty of this crime, myself included. And I think we can all agree that it’s extremely annoying to talk to someone that is constantly complaining and playing the victim. Everything is someone else's fault or responsibility. No wonder we have a generation of bratty, entitled men that are unable to grow up. Growing up starts when we quit whining and crying out for somebody to save us.

Growing up starts when we quit whining and crying out for somebody to save us.

I’m here to tell you that no one cares about how hard your life is, how tired you are, how annoying your friends are, how badly your girlfriend treated you, or whatever else you may complain about. You have a problem? Shut up, put your big boy pants on, and sort it out. It's what is expected of you, and it is the right thing to do. Don’t go around fishing for sympathy and confirmation, for that won’t help your problems go away. If anything, it will only make you create more problems, so you can keep being a victim and feeling that people care about you and your circumstances.

There is no shame in seeking counsel, and actively discussing a problem, if it is done in a constructive way. What I’m criticizing is the empty complaints that do nothing for anyone: “I hate my life”, “Oh my God, I don’t want to do this and that”, “I’m so tired of my boss”, “I have so much work and I hate it” etcetera. Shut up man. Sure, those things are annoying, but why in the world are you constantly running your mouth about a problem instead of solving it? Do you hate your boss? Well fix your relationship with him, find another job, or simply accept it and move on. Don’t whine and cry about things, but fix them instead.

Additionally, and nobody told us this, you are expected, as a man, to not go around trying to share your burden with whoever is kind enough to listen to you, but rather to carry your problems and your struggles voluntarily, with determination and grit. And in some cases, it is even expected of you to help others close to you carry theirs. It will always be expected of us men to help lighten our partner's and community's burdens by finding solutions instead of trying to get other people to help us with our load. That's normal, natural, and honorable. It is your job as a man. So quit complaining, find solutions and carry as much as you can on your own fucking back.

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