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The need for exclusively masculine (and feminine) spaces

In our progressive day and age, inclusion and equality are all that matters. Every single ratio should be proportionally distributed between whichever arbitrary groups are considered at any particular moment. A perfectly split pie of sexual orientation, gender and race in every profession or social group is the ultimate goal. Don't you dare exclude someone from a particular space: that's the worst crime imaginable. At the end of the day, everyone (only if they are oppressed though) deserves everything that they want, by the undeniable virtue of their historical victimization. Remember when we had exclusively male groups where men could be men and grown and learn from one another? Not anymore! Now the boy scouts have become a feminine space and there are fewer and fewer opportunities for men to develop their masculine virtues within a group of equals, causing men (and women, for that matter) to slowly fade into an androgynous mass of unrecognizable and lost beings.

Exclusive spaces exist for a reason

The elimination of male and female groups starts with a simple, and extremely wrong premise: men and women are equal in every aspect imaginable, and every historical difference between the sexes is a result of social conditioning and the oppresion of women at the hands of men and "The Patriarchy". Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Even universities, once clusters of independent thought and intellectual effort, are throwing common sense and actual science out the window, replacing them with false, supposedly utopic ideas based on whatever pseudoscience dominates the current narrative. These evidently false claims have started to poison and degenerate once extremely important, valuable and exclusive spaces, practices and groups. When everyone is equal, every group that doesn't allow anyone and everyone to join it is discriminatory and bigoted. I won't even point out the hypocrisy that springs to mind when reading the previous statement: apparently this supposed fight for equality allows everyone to have their own segregated group as long as they're part of some so-called "minority". You know what I'm talking about, so I won't elaborate on that.

The important thing is that selective groups serve a purpose, and they don't exist as an instrument of an oppresive hierarchy. Because men and women are not and will never be equal (thank God), the dynamic within any group changes drastically when it is exclusively composed of men, exclusively composed of women or composed of a mixture of both genders (yeah, there are only two). Think about how different any social situation is when you're alone with your male friends and when females are also present. You talk about different stuff, you behave differently, and you even feel different things. This is because both men and women bring different things to the metaphorical social table. Your brothers will offer value in a drastically different way than your female friends or relatives will. No matter how much society tries to make men and women replaceable and interchangeable, they will never be.

This is because both men and women bring different things to the metaphorical social table. Your brothers will offer value in a drastically different way than your female friends or relatives will.

Groups of men

Groups and spaces of exclusive male participation serve to push men to be better men (if you are choosing the correct company). They push men to be stronger, more resilient and less emotional. Young boys tease each other, push each other, fight each other and compete constantly with each other. This feeds their masculine nature, this forces them to grow up. This helps them to understand that sometimes you have to stick up for yourself and fight back. This helps them understand that sometimes it's not wise to show your emotions. Male to male dynamics within a group of men provide some of the most valuable lessons for young boys. When women infiltrate these groups, they inmediately cause a change in the dynamics that take place within it because men are attracted to women (no shit), which means that, in the presence of women, a significant portion of each man's attention will be naturally directed towards the women present (especially if they're attractive). If they are not attractive, the dynamic will change nonetheless, because a woman is not a man, and men will behave differently when one is present. Same goes for women, by the way, but as I'm not a woman, I won't try to explain what goes on in exclusively female groups, but just as men do masculine things with other men, women do feminine things with other women.

Other groups have value, too

Now this doesn't mean that you should exclude women from your life altogether. It means that you should dedicate time exclusively to your male friends, exclusively to your wife, girlfriend, and other important female figures in your life, and sometimes inclusively to both. What is lacking in most men's lives, however, are exclusively male spaces, which is why that's the focus of this article.

How to do this

Don't be scared to exclude women from some things in your life. It is not evil, as the world would have you believe. I, for example, go to the gym either alone or with male friends. For me, that's a sacred space where I share some deeply masculine things with my closest friends, and no matter how close I am to any woman, I will not go to the gym with them. Same goes for JiuJitsu. Those are my exclusive groups because those are the activities that I do more often, but you surely have other groups where you feel more comfortable either alone or with male friends. Simply start creating "rituals" with your male friends, and ensure that those activities that you engage in are sacred and exclusively masculine. Some cool things to do with your friends include fighting, lifting, hiking, performing any sport, doing any extreme activity, or having periodic meetings where you sharpen your intellectual skills by discussing philosophy, literature, history or politics.

I am sure of one thing: if we hadn't eliminated almost all exclusively male spaces from existence, we wouldn't be seeing the overwhelming crises of loneliness, depression and lack of purpose that plague young men today. For the sake of the world, we have to start rebuilding those spaces where men can work on and grow into their masculine nature.

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