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Weak men are dangerous

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Who is more dangerous? The big, strong guy that will beat your ass if you confront him or disrespect him or the soyboy that will harbour up any and all resentment against you and then plot like a snake to destroy your reputation? At least with the first one, you know exactly what you're getting into. The second one lies, manipulates and slithers like a snake, because he knows that he would be unable to hold his own were things to get physical. So he saves up all his anger and resentment, and plots behind the scenes to do as much damage as possible. The really dangerous guys are usually the weakest. Strong, lethal men are aware of the damage that they could do, and thus choose to not do it unless situations really call for it.

Masculine vs. Femenine aggression

Masculine aggression is mostly physical. When two men start getting heated, the natural conclusion of their argument is a good old fist fight. If no one steps in to stop them, the final stage of an argument between men is physical. It's how we express our aggression, and how we have solved honor problems since the dawn of man. In contrast, women express their anger mostly through words and reputation damaging. The feminine way has become the most common nowadays, because in our pampered and controlled day and age, beating someone's ass (no matter how much he deserves it), can lead to all sorts of legal trouble, while you can get away with lying, manipulating, and plotting to smear the name of another man. Times were better when issues were settled right then, right there. When men were held accountable for their words and actions. If you attacked someone's honor, you better were damn ready to get physical. Now, weak men can hide behind the police, dumb laws, and the mass of people that chant "all violence is wrong" and say whatever they feel like saying to another man without fear of the consequences. This has turned most men into weak, harmless men, who are unable to express their anger and aggression in masculine ways, thus resorting to mean words, gossip and name-calling.

Dangerous men

The soyboy that gossips, the PUA that manipulates and deceives, the "nice guy" that plays the pity card to get a woman. Those are the really dangerous guys. They plot, they resent, and they don't hold back. With a strong, dangerous looking guy, at least you get what you see: you insult him, you get smacked. And that's the end of it. With the aforementioned types of men, you may insult them (even involuntarily) and instead of them speaking up and defending themselves, they will remain quiet, harbour all that resentment and then go behind your back to attack you in different, more damaging ways, becasue they know, that if things were to escalate, they would be completely powerless. So they play nice, until you're no longer around. And then they slither around, spewing their poison and resentment into the ears of every soul that they encounter. They resent everything about their own life, and they project it unto the life of others to feel better about themselves.

With a strong, dangerous looking guy, at least you get what you see: you insult him, you get smacked.

Strong, lethal men

On the other hand, we have the physically dangerous men. The fighters, the soldiers, the men that have trained and worked to be able to hold their own in a physical conflict. These men tend to be blunt, honest, direct. They have a problem, they speak up. They are not afraid of solving things right then and there, however it may be. If a conflict arises, they are ready. What you see is all there is. Ask yourself this: what is worse: a black eye and a couple of stitches or losing your job, your wife and your reputation due to the sneaky and poisonous words of a weak man? The problem is, the first thing is discouraged and prohibited in society, while the second one is widespread and normal. The world would be a better place if fighting were the norm. Eliminating the possibility of physical violence does two things: one, it allows men to stay harmless and weak, which has dire consequences for society as a whole. And two, it provides these weak men with an unbreakable shield that protects them from the physical consequences of their words and actions. The system literally encourages weakness and feminine forms of aggression. I promise you, if men were faced with the actual and real possibility of getting into a fight with whoever they slander, everyone would be more respectful and the world would be a better, more honest place.

Be lethal, blunt, and honest

Despite all that, the correct course of action is still to become dangerous, strong, and powerful. Don't fall into the trap of becoming a weak, lying man even though society encourages it. The pendulum is swinging, and hard times are on their way. When that happens, you don't want to be the guy that spent his whole life hiding behind the skirts of his woman, throwing insults and being protected from physical conflict by some backwards and stupid laws. You want to be the guy that has learned to manage conflict, that has fought and that is ready to go if society collapses, as it will. Be the man that is direct and honest, because it is right. And then, be ready to face the consequences.

Weak men are dangerous, strong men are lethal. Big difference.

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