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What you consume shapes who you are

Look around you. Pay attention. What do you see? What type of music is playing? Which movies are being shown and promoted? What do your Neflix recommendations look like? Look at the most popular news outlets. What are they showing? What do you see on the news? What are your friends talking about? What are your professors teaching you? Do you see tradition, order, family, strength, honor and virtue? Or do you see weakness, degeneracy, chaos, decay, laziness, pornography? You see the latter, not because it is the right thing, but solely because those interested in killing the traditional western way of life know that what you see shapes what you believe, which in turn makes you what you are. So if they want you weak, lazy and addicted to pornography, that's all that they will show. And that is precisely what is happening.

Do me a favor: go to the explore section of your preferred social media, and tell me what you see. I can tell you right now. No matter what type of pages you follow or what type of content you publish, there will be, 99% of the time, a video reel of a provocative, attractive woman moving sensually. I have done this experiment. I have reported every single post of women dancing provocatively for the views. And they keep showing up!

Why do you think that is? They know how our mind works, and it is difficult to avoid looking at such content. This is not an article about the dangers and damages of the hipersexualization of young people's minds, but the above example proves a point: you are being shown content that has a purpose, and that purpose is to stray you far away from truth and purpose, towards mass consumption, consumerism, pornography and degeneracy.

You are being shown content that has a purpose, and that purpose is to stray you far away from truth and purpose, towards mass consumption, consumerism, pornography and degeneracy.

Choose a better environment

Here's an anecdote: I recently graduated from college, and the graduation speeches where given by students. I can't tell you how unbelievably Orwellian it was, watching a purple-haired feminist and the most accurate representation of the word soyboy that I have ever seen talk for 25 minutes about women's issues. It was shocking. The people that were chosen to address a whole generation of graduate students were a raging, deranged feminist and a 5'5, fat, soft man-child, and their speech was a feminist manifesto with absolutely no mention or interest in anything related to university life and to the challenges of this new phase of our lives. Every single thing you hear or listen to has a political bias. Try to find it and not let it enter your subconscious. We accept the "entertainment" that is more easily accesible because we don't give it too much thought. Hey, there's a new movie, let's go watch it. And then you go and it turns out to be feminist propaganda. Let's see what's new on Netflix. And they recommend the movie "Cuties". Or some other sick bullshit. The point is this: pay attention to the things that you are consuming. They matter, a lot. If yoy spend your time watching movies where the world is depicted as an oppressive patriarchy, you will start to believe that that is what the world really is like. If all you see are movies where everyone sleeps with everyone and where sex is seen as an exclusively social and harmless little pleasure, you'll give in to pornography and uncontrolled polygamy. Choose instead movies that inspire you, movies that show a more accurate representation of the struggles that we face, and how we can rise above them. Those will probably be old movies, because nothing good is being filmed nowadays.

And that's just in regards to cinema. What you listen to also matters. Check out the top 50 global songs and they are most likely the same. No classical music, no music with essence or meaningful lyrics, but songs from women talking about their vaginas and songs from men talking about how sad they are. No wonder we are where we are. If you constantly listen to sad music, you'll be sad, if you constantly listen to music about being promiscuous, you'll be promiscuous too.

The point

It's not "just a movie". It's not "just a song I like". It's not "just some fast food". It's not "just a picture of a naked woman". It's not "just a book". All those things play a big part in determining your attitude, your actions and your identity. Don't watch dumb, popular movies. Watch good old movies, from a time when the art of making cinema still existed. Those that depict strong men overcoming the odds, not those that depict men as mindless tools and secondary characters. The men you watch on TV motivate you to be more like them, so choose those role models carefully. Don't listen to degenerate music. Look for music that touches the deepest parts of your nature, and that has actual musical and lyrical value. Don't waste your money on shitty food. Eat clean, whole foods. Don't waste your time and energy looking at naked women on the internet. You're better than that. Go outside and meet real women. You won't find the mother of your children on the internet. Don't read books or news articles that only try to shove their ideology down your troath. Read things that actually make you better and emphasize the importance of living a life of values.

Your environment shapes you. Be careful and mindful of the things that you choose to consume. At the end of the day, what you need to ask yourself is "Who do I want to be?". And then act accordingly, even in regards to "unimportant" things such as the entertainment that you consume.

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