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Why you should Post Physique

In the age of SCIENCE, SOURCES, and STUDIES, there is but one argument that remains undefeated: your physique. Nerds and weaklings will try to run circles around it, but the fact remains: your opinion is invalid if you don't have the physique to back it up.

Why should you post your physique, I hear you ask? Here are some FACTS and LOGIC to answer you.

"Are you a pudgy skinnyfat guy posting about imperium here and strength there and you can't back it up with your physique? Yeah, I don't really care about you." - The Golden Jarl

Keeps you accountable

In our sphere of the internet, there's a bunch of posers and fakes (for a recent example, see Jack Murphy). This is unavoidable. There will always be liars and people that only talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. It's easy to hide behind the walls of the internet and preach values of strength and masculinity while being a fat slob. Nobody will know, after all. You can go that way, and be dishonorable and sleazy. Or you can POST PHYSIQUE, and hold yourself accountable to the standards that you set online. Posting physique means showing those that trust your advice that you are not just talk, and that the things you preach you also practice in your private life.

Commitment to aesthetics

We believe in physiognomy. We believe that the way we look is a deep reflection of who we are inside: our physique reflects our values, our moral code, and the worth of our ideals.We believe this because it's true. An ugly soul will breed an ugly body. A beautiful soul must thus be accompanied by a beautiful, aesthetic body. Beauty is one of the values we should ascribe to, and our commitment to aesthetics should start with ourselves. I don't believe in any doctrine that disregards the sanctity of the human body, and that doesn't believe we should strive to make it a source of inspiration.

Dump on the "healthy at every size" trend

One of the most destructive movements of our age is the "body-positivity" movement. No, you're not healthy nor beautiful at every size. I won't elaborate further because it's glaringly obvious and I don't want to. Point is, the best way to undo the damage done by this sick movement is to POST PHYSIQUE. Social media and the internet are now plagued by dad bods, severely obese people and skinny dudes, all of them trying to make us forget that physical beauty still exists. It's time to fight that, by creating our own body positivity movement: the movement of physique posting. I urge you to join.

Validates your opinions - No other soyrces needed

Whenever a degenerate asks for sources or tries to dispute your argument, ask him to post phyisque. Chances are, he won't, and he'll accept his defeat.

It has been said: being strong and aesthetic doesn't automatically mean you're right, but being skinny and weak (or fat and unwilling to improve) automatically means you're wrong.

The best source of all is what you can show in your own life.

Best way to own degenerates

The screeching liberals of today absolutely despise all superior things. Your physique is one of those superior things. They hate you for that. Your physique posting will trigger them more than you know. They will feel terribly about their life choices, and instead of changing they will try to blame you for being better than them. And don't forget that this is a spiritual war, which means that triggering the enemy tips the scales in our favor. Post your sick physique and let leftists scream in anger.

On a more serious note, if you are fat or skinny, but you're actively working to improve that, you deserve all the respect in the world. Keep it up, you king. I promise you, you'll have all the support in the world from those that post physique and take their health seriously. There's no shame in being weak, only in staying weak.

If you're not too experienced in the gym, you should check out my ebook, SIMPLE STRENGTH, and use the code PHYSIQUE, to get 50% off. You can get it HERE.

Have a terrific friday, and don't forget to POST PHYSIQUE.

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