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Yes, you should judge a book by its cover

Never before has it been this easy to guess with such utmost accuracy a person's beliefs, thoughts and ideals simply by taking a quick glance at them. Our age is one in which the powers in place seek to eliminate all constraints on human behavior, trying to pass every destructive and hedonistic life choice as valid and acceptable. Freed from the supposedly tyrannical constraints of religious morality -or any kind of morality for that matter- men are now free to roam the poluted streets of the cities they inhabit without having to care about the image they present. After all, who are you to judge? After all, a man's appearance means nothing, right? After all, what matters is what's in the inside, haven't you heard?


Humans are creatures of instinct, regardless of our capacity for rationality. This means that we are hardwired to judge, evaluate, and assess people, things and events as quickly as possible, and measure what they project against certain traits that have been, historically speaking, determinants of worth.

The modern obsession with "not judging anyone before you get to know them" is the biggest cope of our age. Judging and assessing quickly is a survival trait. It's perfectly reasonable to evaluate someone based on the first impression that he gives. This lie is propagated by body positivity activists, weak soymen and the like, who can't even fathom their life choices being plain wrong. Thus, they insist that you give them time to explain why they are so fat, why they look so dead inside, why they walk the way they do. God forbid you were to judge them for these superficial traits, as opposed to the thoughts that they have.


So yeah, we are meant to judge people by their looks. Not only is this an instinct that we have, but it also makes sense rationally. The cover of a book literally signals what's written in the pages, and the outward appearance of a man literally showcases his deepest beliefs.

What else are you supposed to make judgements about? Should you read the entire book before you decide to buy it? Should you engage in a heated political conversation with the severely overweight guy wearing a hentai shirt before you decide you don't want him in your life?

The world sees who you are inside in your posture, style and physique. The soy products you consume will show themselves on your skin. The excessive porn you watch will show itself in the hollow look of your eyes. The childish lack of willpower you have will show itself around your waist. The unnatural obsession you have with fictional characters will show itself in the clothes that you wear. The ugly ideology that you ascribe to will show itself in your pink hair.

And, similarly, your discipline, willpower, sacrifice, and humility will evidently show themselves on your very skin.


As I said at the start of this article, never before has it been easier to identify a person's beliefs simply by looking at them. This means that it's easier than ever to find likeminded men and potential soldiers of this spiritual war. Just look at the examples in the photo above. Which one would you think aligns better with your interests, goals and beliefs? I know Tom Hardy is an actor, but the image serves to prove a point. If you had to chose one of those two men for your tribe, who would it be? Yeah, exactly.

Funnily enough, those that look like the one in the right are the ones that scream and try to force everyone to like them, respect them, and accept their sick lifestyle. The ones that look like the one in the left understand that looks are important, and make an effort to present a respectable image. They change themselves instead of trying to change everyone else.

As a general rule, left-wingers have a distinct appearance: hollow eyes, either very skinny or very fat, clothes with movie references that don't fit, hunched shoulders, pale skin. In contrast, the right-wing physiognomy is one of chiseled jawbones, muscular physiques, healthy tans and eyes full of life. Of course, there are lots of exceptions out there, but that's how it generally goes. It's no coincidence that those that think a certain way look a certain way as well, and that those that think the opposite look completely different. The relationship between ideology, political affiliation and beliefs and physiognomy, physique and appearance is obvious: the things you believe determine your actions, and thus, every fiber of who you are.


I encourage you to realize that you've been lied to: your cover is possibly the most important thing about you. Yes, there are some than are masters at projecting a fake image, but most of us aren't, and thus our appearances are a clear reflection of who we are deep inside. Feel free to judge, then. But be ready to be judged. Be ready to have your life choices show themselves on the canvas of your face.

Like the portrait of Dorian Gray, whatever you choose to be inside will leave its mark on your face. You will not be able to hide it. So choose well.

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