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Don't take everything so seriously

I have seen, in this sphere, one thing that I believe harms us as a group much more than it benefits us, and that is, men with good intentions trying to project an always serious, always solemn image.

While I understand the reasons behind this -will explain further on- I believe this is not benefitial to the cause of masculinity, because it ends up pushing away those men, possibly valuable allies, that are still on the fence about which stance to take regarding the great spiritual war. They believe that taking the red pill means the end of all fun and laughter in favor of perpetual struggle, seriousness, and complete solemnity. There is a better way to express the values of our philosophy than being serious all the time.


I have a simple theory for why this happens. The men on our side are tired and angry about the state of absolute degeneracy, childishness, and debauchery of the west. Men acting like little kids, dressed like clowns, and trying to be more like women. They party, drink, fornicate, and sacrifice their futures in the name of "fun". They claim no responsibility for anything and they only experience and pursue the Dionysian.

So the men on our side see this, and we decide we want nothing to do with them. We seek to become the exact opposite, representatives of exclusively the Apollonian. We choose to reject all the chaos and degeneracy of the modern word in favor of masculine order. And this is not wrong by itself, the problem comes when we become stone statues and start projecting an image that ceases to be aspirational and becomes, well, plain boring. We won't get more men on our ranks if all we have to offer them is a life where there can be no laughter. We won't get anyone fighting by our side if we show there is to be nothing more than work, without time for relaxation, jokes, and good spirits.

This is partly why we are losing. Even though we are right and the other side is wrong, many times we lose men to them because we indirectly promise them nothing more than honorable struggle, while they offer them all the fun and pleasure they could ever want.


I believe we need to balance out both the Dionysian and the Apollonian. I believe there's a place and time to be serious and orderly and a place and time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Now this absolutely does not mean that we should be accepting modern forms of entertainment that are nothing more than expressions of the purest degeneracy, but rather that we should make sure we have our own spaces for entertainment and celebration. The entirety of our philosophy should be aspirational in nature: a balance between chaos and order, between hard work and struggle and the loosening of inhibitions. Between seriousness and solemnity and laughter and jokes.

This ought to be done not only for the sake of our cause, as this will undoubtedly convince more men of joining our side, but also because it's the right thing to do!

I do believe in balance. I do believe it's one of the goals in life to find the sort of balance where the pieces fall into place, where one can have a time and space for work and for play.

Exclusively focusing on things that are of a solemn nature will yield success and growth of some kind, but it all too often leaves a man alone and isolated, as not many people want to associate with someone that makes everything serious, criticizing and judging those that express a looser spirit. I have experienced this firsthand. Our movement and our philosophy will never reconquer the earth unless we understand that it needs to promise much more than just struggle and work. It needs to promise, in return for sacrifice, brotherhood, deep emotional connections, moments of great laughter and fun, experiences of joy, and things of such nature.


It's not immoral. It's not wrong to leave some free time to simply enjoy yourself. Have a cigar with your friends. Have a drink or two to celebrate. Go out from time to time. Watch a good movie if you want. Loosen up a bit. Enjoy a good joke and let yourself have a fit of laughter. Live! Enjoy life. Even though times are dark, we know the spirit of man can be indomitable. Don't let these times of darkness devoid you of joy, laughter, and the deepest enjoyment of life as it was always meant to be lived.

Only, be wise enough to discern when it's time to be serious and when it's time to crack a few jokes. And choose forms of entertainment that add to your spirit, not those that betray it.

There is a time and place for both expressions of the masculine psyche. We won't win by being serious, we'll win by living life so correctly that our philosophy becomes an irresistible force, promising the young men of tomorrow a life of extreme hard work and struggle, but also a life of great enjoyment.

Learn to loosen up from time to time.

God bless,

Simple Man

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