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Where true wisdom comes from

The wisest men are not the ones who have studied the most, nor the ones who have amassed a multitude of degrees, titles, or CV abilities. You can most certainly have all of those things and still be incredibly unwise. Look around if you don't believe me. That's because wisdom has nothing to do with matters of science, research, or facts. True wisdom is a virtue of the heart, and as such, it is impossible to become wise through the pursuit of knowledge. Practical and theorical knowledge play a part, of course, but the wisest men of all aren't usually the ones that have studied the most. Instead, they understand where true wisdom actually comes from.

"And once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally." - Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Books, studies, facts

The collective agreement of modernity is that only those that have multiple titles to their name can make claims pertaining to a particular field. This is problematic for a number of reasons, the first one being that a title is by definition awarded by an organization, and a quick look at the doctrines taught in most universities would immediately show that the organizations offering titles aren't hubs of public discussion, ideas, nor truth. The modern obsession with rationality, science, and "studies" to back up EVERYTHING has pushed aside the most important and most truthful source of wisdom: divine intuition.

Intuition, introspection, spirituality

This is where true wisdom comes from. The problem is that the advancements in technology of the last decades have made mankind arrogant, creating a God-complex in the minds of men, who then seek to understand and explain every mystery, happening, and way of the world with the man-made tool that we have at hand: the scientific method. We are so deeply arrogant that we refuse to acknowledge that there are some things, that while impossible to understand rationally, are real, and true. We are so deeply consumed by this God-complex that we disregard anything that hasn't been proven through experimentation, research, and scientific papers. Hence the rise of atheism. Believing ourselves almighty, there's no need to turn to God for comfort, guidance, nor explanations.

But we are not almighty, and no matter how hard we try, we will never be nearly as powerful and wise as He is. No matter how hard we research, we won't ever fully understand the mysteries of the world. And yet, in His eternal wisdom, God gave our kind a source of truth more powerful than any study: our intuition, when connected with the teachings of the Divine.

The wisest men are the ones that have made efforts of introspection, the ones that have looked deep within their souls for answers to life´s most pressing questions. The fountain of truth exists in every man, but it remains hidden until we decide to journey inward and seek out the fundamental truths of existence.

That is where true wisdom comes from. That's where all the titles in the world fall short. There is an inexplicable but very real connection with the Divine in the soul of every man, one that guides us, teaches us, and shows us the path to take, even if we are not, by conventional means, "experts" in theology, "experts" in science, or "experts" in life.

The only true expert is God, and the world will become a wise world once we stop revering the false Gods of science and man-made achievemnt, humbly accept our role as children of Christ, and start listening to what He is trying to teach us by speaking directly to our soul.

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