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Let your voice be heard

Conservatism has lost a lot of ground because we've allowed our viewpoints to be demonized, and we've allowed those that seek to silence us to be succesful in that endeavor. I have been guilty of the same sin: in trying to avoid unnecessary and annoying comfrontation, I have chosen to cowardly keep my true opinions hidden, knowing all too well that giving them a voice would mean having to deal with the relentless attack of those who seek our demise.

No more, I say. This cowardice has allowed these evil people to isolate us. They have left us wondering whether we are the only living souls still maintaining some shred of common sense. We are in the dark about the true numbers of those that ascribe to our same principles and values of order, tradition, and beauty. How are we supposed to find likeminded men if we are still afraid of the screams and slurs that will undoubtedly come once we voice what's in our mind publicly and unapologetically?

Our silence is a betrayal to our cause. No more silence, I say. It's time to make our voices heard.

“In a room where people unanimously maintain a conspiracy of silence, one word of truth sounds like a pistol shot.” -Czesław Miłosz

I understand the resistance you are facing. Our viewpoints are considered "controversial", "extreme", "unempathetic" and many other things. And they are. They are controversial, because they defy the established order. They are extreme, because they support some causes with the same strength that they reject others. And they are unempathetic, because we understand that evil was never meant to be empathized with. So do not fear the demonization of your values, because in a world gone mad and turned evil, their hate is but a sign that you are objectively correct.

You are right

Maybe you and I disagree on some things, but I'm sure we agree on most issues, or you wouldn't be here reading this. Which is why I can tell you without a doubt that you are correct. What you believe is not crazy, it's not evil, and it's not wrong. We've let leftism and liberalism take over because we're afraid of being too certain. We are convinced that the right thing to do is to listen to the other side and try to understand them. Right now, that's wrong. Think about it: do the angry feminists care about your viewpoints and try to understand your arguments? They do not. They are completely convinced that they are in the right, and thus they simply screech and hate everyone that doesn't think EXACTLY like them. Imagine how much better the world would be if conservatives actually had enough balls to denounce degeneracy instead of trying to "understand where they are coming from".

Enough is enough, brother. These people hate you and all you stand for. Who cares about pleasing them? Who cares about them tolerating you? You are correct, and they are not. Stop trying to understand it, that's just how it is. Be convinced of your values and to hell with those that seek to destroy them. If they get offended, it's their problem. If they stop talking to you, it's their loss. You don't need to please everyone, so stop being quiet in order to maintain worthless relationships.

Join forces

The consequences of being silent are many, but the main one for me is the fact that, because so many of us are afraid to speak up and choose to remain in the shadows, we end up isolated and in the dark about who believes the same things that we do. How are we supposed to find likeminded men if all of us fake agreeableness in public settings? I believe it's time to take calculated risks and start seeing how great in number we truly are. When your friends or family start talking about the vx, voice your opinion. When they are talking about other nonsense, tell them what you truly believe. Maybe one of them thinks just like you, and had been waiting to find someone who wouldn't demonize him. Maybe it's more than one. Maybe there's a vast amount of men just waiting for a leader to stand against the current so they can join him in resisting. Maybe, they are waiting for you.

And maybe, you won't be all alone after all. You'll have found a group of men that have not fallen victim to the great brainwashing of the previous years. But if you don't speak up, you will never find them. And both you, them and every man around the world that still remains a man of honor will keep thinking that they are alone, isolated, and that their cause is hopeless.

Don't be stupid

Now, I think that you know that what I'm saying doesn't mean go out of your way to make enemies and potentially hurt your life. But just in case it wasn't clear: be wise of how and when you voice your opinions. Do it at the right time and around the right people. Don't go out of your way to put yourself in harm's way. But start being more honest and open, specially with those that trust you and respect you. You never know when you might find an ally.

Speak up

We will never win unless we quit living in fear of those that scream the loudest. Let them yell at you, let them hear your words loud and clear. In the midst of this chaos, you'll be a lighthouse, attracting all types of boats to your shore. Pirates will come, but so will allies. If you do not light your beacon, the pirates will still be there, but your allies will never find you.

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