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The alcohol question

Many self improvement pages and "motivational" posts absolutely slam alcoholic drinks and suggest completely abstaining from them as the exclusively acceptable way of living. I don't believe that, and I don't believe in demonizing alcohol. Excessive alcohol drinking is what should be demonized, but alcoholic beverages have been an important part of most cultures for ages, and their use has an important social purpose. I understand that alcohol plays a big part in the degeneracy that is consuming modern society, which explains why many people that want to fight this degeneracy naturally associate alcohol with it, and thus try to avoid it at all costs. It's understandable, but thinking about it rationally, I don't see why having a drink now and then should be demonized. Just follow some sensible rules and you can enjoy a couple of beers guilt-free.

Yes, I drink

No, I don't drink frequently. But sometimes (like today), when I haven't seen my oldest friends for a while, I feel like going for some beers with them. I allow myself these sporadic pleasures because I know that I am perfectly able to control my drinking, and that I won't make a fool of myself. That's important. Alcohol shouldn't be demonized UNLESS you can't control it. Here are some recommendations so that you can have a drink and not feel bad about it.

Alcohol shouldn't be demonized UNLESS you can't control it.

1) Don't get drunk

Getting blackout drunk is for losers, or for fifteen-year olds. Anyone who's not a teenager that goes out and gets drunk is a sorry excuse of a man. How petty do you have to be to drink until you have no control of yourself, your words, your actions or your bodily functions? It's sad, it's disgusting and you're not "fun" for doing it. Nobody respects such a man.

2) Don't drink in front of children

Drinking is for grownups, and should therefore occur among grownups. Set a good example for your kids and try not to drink around them.

3) Don't drink in order to talk to girls

This is one of the most common reasons why men drink. Talking to women requires courage, and a couple of glasses of whiskey give you plenty of that. Don't become dependent on alcohol to talk to women, man up instead and talk to them while sober. Don't depend on alcohol for courage.

4) Control your drinking

Alcohol is not healthy. It's not necessarily unhealthy, unless you drink too frequently. Do it once every couple of weeks and you should be fine.

5) Drink with people you like

Don't drink to escape a boring or annoying situation. Do it to potentiate good times with your friends.

6) Challenge yourself to go a full year without a drop of alcohol

I did it. It was awesome. I learnt that I didn't depend on it for a good time. And now I can drink without feeling guilty. Try it out, if you can't do it you are probably addicted. All the more reason to abstain from drinking for a whole year. Besides, is a challenge, and who doesn't like challenges? Go a full year without drinking. I dare you.

I'm late to meet my friends, so I'll leave it at that. In conclusion, drink little and always be in control when you do it. Enjoy a couple of beers with your friends every now and then but don't be the annoying drunk guy.

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R. Frank Bass
R. Frank Bass
May 15, 2021

So good!

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